Immigration, Human Rights, Asylum and Family Law Specialists

I am fully trained, qualified and experienced in all areas of law, but my main areas of particular expertise include:


We know it’s important to give straight, understandable advice and to be clear about costs from the start and so we’ve set out how we can help in the main areas of immigration law under the headings (below)

We can help you with every aspect of Immigration Law and have expertise in the following areas :

• Immgratoin Appeal
• Immigration application
• Immigration for Business and Companies
• Working in the UK
• Studying in the UK
• Family Migration
• Refugee Law, Humanitarian Protection and Human Rights
• Settlement and British Citizenship
• European Nationals
• Advocacy & Appeals

Human Rights

If you believe you have suffered an infringement of your human rights, we can bring an impressive depth of experience to your individual case. Our human rights solicitors have particular experience in challenging human rights abuses in education law, social and health care law, and in relation to abuses that occur whilst someone is in state detention or care. Human rights abuses can take a great many forms.

The Human Rights Act guarantees a number of rights and freedoms and allows enforcement of those rights against public bodies.

We can help you with:
• Public law
• Suing the police and other public bodies/authorities
• Education law
• Challenging/appealing clandestine entrant fines/penalties
• Court of Protection decisions
• Right to life
• Right to a private and family life
• Right to a fair hearing
• Inhuman or degrading treatment
• False imprisonment / deprivation of liberty
• Actions against the police
• Sexual discrimination or harassment
• Racial discrimination or harassment
• Equal pay claims
• Denial of healthcare/medication for financial reasons
• International human rights abuses


Please speak to me for expert advice and representation concerning your asylum situation.

Family law

As a family law specialist, I offer you a high level of experience and expertise in all areas of family law – including cases involving children and divorce.

Commissioner of Oaths

As a registered Commissioner of Oaths, Direct Access Barrister is authorised to take affidavits (statements for use as evidence in court) and any other legal documents.

UK Visa

We have extensive expertise in handling instructions concerning the most complex of immigration cases including but not limited to:

• UK Visa
• Visa Refusals
• Administrative Reviews
• Judicial Reviews
• New Applications
• Family Visas
• Work Visas
• Study Visas
• Visit Visas